We are very excited to bring you the following artists to our lil town!

Pythius : First off we invited Blackout’s neurofunk legend Pythius. Sublime sound design, raging snares, trance-like synths…
Pythius is (one of) the best out there! 😍

Vypes : This is not your average DJ set. Besides the DJ decks, Vypes has another weapon of choice… His guitar!
That’s right! During his sets he will grab his guitar and rock your socks off! 🎸

Kelpo : Last Christmas Kelpo had a chance to kick off a drum and bass night at Club Braque. He opened like a champ and that gave us a taste for more! 🥵

Questarey : Deep, dancefloor, neurofunk, crossbreed… As long as it goes hard, Questarey’s arsenal has it. A sick blend of every corner of drum and bass to end the night. 😈

Hosted by – Wolf Pax
Visuals by – Timo

Are you excited yet?
Note down the 4th of May!
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